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November 24, 2010

Random Ramblings/Thank You's/Pics from Chicago!!!

Good morning everyone!  I don't have a card to share with you today...  just some ramblings and other things that I wanted to share! 

First, I am SO glad that Thanksgiving is almost here!  I love getting to spend time with my family and my hubby's family as well!  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone!  This also means that we are dangerously close to Christmas, so that's a little scary (I have been MASS producing Christmas cards FAST!)...  lots to craft/bake/buy/enjoy before that gets here! 

Other things that I've been thinking about lately:
1. I'm so thankful for so many great and fun people in the crafting community!  You guys are the best! 
2. I really REALLY loved the new Harry Potter movie.  Like seriously.  It was so awesome. 
3. I've been working really hard lately to not let negative energy into my life, and to turn it into something positive no matter what.  This morning, my hubby had some serious negative stuff come his way (from a very negative person), and as the protective wife I am struggling really hard right now not to let the bad vibes in!
4. Again, Thanksgiving cannot get here soon enough!  =)

Ok... so now I'm (finally) going to share some of my pics and favorite moments from Chicago!  Things we did there:
* Saw the Art Institute (was SO amazing)
* Heard a great pair of jazz musicians
* Went to an amazing concert from THIS BAND (def see them if you're ever in Chicago.. they were awesome!)
*  Shopped in Downtown Chicago
* Ate at Urban Belly - amazing noodle dishes!
* Ate at Hot Dougs (my hubby got the wildest hot dog here!)
* Ate at Arturo's Tacos
* Went to the 94th floor of the Hancock Building to see the view

All in all, it was a REALLY fun trip!  Most of all, we got to catch up with some of our favorite people!  Both my hubs and I have family out there that we love dearly, and one of my two girl BFF's is there and I NEVER get to see her!  Here's some of my favorite moments:

Here are some photos of us gallavanting in downtown Chicago!  The first one is a shot of my hubs and my BFF Jenn skipping around together, and then the second one is Jenn and I behind some christmas lights.  Our AWESOME photographer is the third of the three amigos, Laura.  I wish there was a picture of all three of us!  So often Laura is the one taking the pics though, and as you can see she's amazing!  You can see more of her incredible photography HERE (you'll be glad you looked!)

This is Chicago from the Hancock tower.  We had the best time there with my hubby's cousin and her boyfriend, who manages the 94th floor events and restaurant.  He got us in (it was SO cool feeling like a VIP!) and we took pics and got some REALLY good gelato.  This photo was also taken by the amazing miss Laura. 

We saw some really cool stuff at the art institute (did anyone else know that American Gothic is there?!?!?!)  Anyhow, here's a picture of the Chagall Windows, which are currently on exhibit there and are absolutely beautiful (this picture doesn't do them justice!) I also had to share this picture of my husband and my sister, because it's SO cute and they are absolutely two of my favorite people!  =)  We all had such an amazing time together!  These pics were taken by either myself or my sister... I can't remember! =)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour of our Chicago vacation!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families !  Have a wonderful holiday!  =D

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  1. your chicago trip looked awesome! great post!
    and good luck with avoiding negative energy! sometimes we need luck in that area! :)
    have a good thanksgiving!