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August 3, 2011

The Happiest of Anniversaries -- with many more to come! =D

Hello everyone!  So, today is a VERY special day for me... it's our 3rd Anniversary!  3 years ago today, I married my absolute best friend and we had the most amazing wedding!  It was a very special day with lots and LOTS of fun for everyone!  Our wedding was REALLY big (about 400 people, we invited 500!) because Zach has a gigantic family and my family knows EVERYONE.  =)  It was a really perfect day, and we took LOTS of pictures!  =)

For our 3rd Anniversary, my husband and I had a fabulous dinner last Sunday out at a restaurant that is right on the Allegheny River... we had a fabulous view and the food was excellent!  Today we did things a little more low key, having a dinner at a local restaurant (one we'd never tried before because we always love trying new things!), then we went out for dessert, and shared a little champagne this evening!

One special thing that we always do for our anniversary is to share some blueberries.  I know this might sound strange, but during our wedding sermon (which was quite possibly the STRANGEST wedding sermon ever given!) the priest started talking about the price of blueberries in Washington state (we live in Pennsylvania).  He then tried to tie it back to the Beatitudes -- I wish I was joking but this really happened. I couldn't hide my complete shock over the chosen topic and many of our friends and family were too.  It's ended up being this funny blessing though, because we always remember the sermon about blueberries from our wedding and laugh!  We decided on our first anniversary that we'd always have something with blueberries for our anniversary!  Here's us tonight with some blueberry yogurt (with fresh blueberries of course!) at a Simply Yogurt:

OK so onto the project!  I'm not much for scrapbooking, but I did make a really nice scrapbook of our wedding!  It has lots of fab photos, journaling tags, stamping and all sorts of other techniques!  The full album can be viewed HERE, but I didn't want to put up the entire thing on my blog.  Here are a few of my favorite pages:

The Front Cover -- the embellishments are handmade clay flowers!

This is my favorite picture that we took at the wedding!  It really shows just how happy we were that day!
 Just married!  I made several pull out tags for this scrapbook -- the blue one in this picture reads: "After the ceremony, we took pictures and went for a limo ride!  The pics started in the church and ended in a beautiful courtyard!  This was the slowest part of the day, and we had SO much fun!  =)"

I also love this picture and quote!  This picture really highlights my dress which I LOVED!  =)

We took a lot of pictures with our parents, but this one from the rehearsal ended up being my favorite.  I like it because in order, it goes: Zach's Dad, my Mom, Zach, Me, my Dad, and Zach's Mom.  It reminds me of how easily our lives blended together!  =)

Our relationship started because Zach taught me how to swing dance!  Of course at our wedding we had to show off!

I wanted to include as many pictures as possible, so on a few pages I made photo collages like this to showcase more pictures!  This one is my favorite!

Another favorite picture of mine, and we are planning on living a long happy ever after!  =D

WOW ok I know long post!  Again if you want to view the whole scrapbook in picture format, go HERE!  Thanks for visiting and reading about our anniversary and wedding story!  I hope you enjoyed it!  =) 

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  1. A wedding album will be next on my list, but must finish the Honeymoon album first. Thanks for sharing your wedding album, it does look like you had a fun wedding. That is the one thing I was super happy about with our was that everyone enjoyed themselves. The blueberries are a funny touch, it is something you will always remember. :)