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January 13, 2012

I'm back!

Hello everyone!  I'm sorry that I haven't been around much lately!  The holidays got REALLY crazy for me!  Let me give you some of the highlights! 

  • We spent a BUNCH of time with family!  I had a blast getting to hang out with my sister and my husband's brothers and our parents.   It was amazing to just relax and enjoy each other!   
  • My husband and I also spent lots of quality time with each other.  It was so great to get to have several fun date nights and just relax with him!  We really love our time together like that! 
  • We also caught up with some of our friends from all over!  We saw friends from Maryland, PA, Florida, and Missouri!  It was fabulous! 
  • I made a quilted table runner for my Mom and it turned out REALLY nice!  I was super proud of this since it's my very first quilting project!  I wanted to post this a LONG time ago, but of course life got in the way!  Here's a picture of the finished product: 

So as you can see we did a LOT of running around this holiday!  =)  Unfortunately, along with all of that fun, we also had two incredibly sad funerals as well.  That was another thing that took up some time, and was very difficult.  But enough sad stuff -- let's talk about what's coming up! 

First of all, I'm back into the cardmaking and papercrafting spirit -- sorta.  I'm paper crafting when I can, but I've also been spending a good amount of time working on home projects, decor projects, and some food and sewing projects!  So while I'm still going to feature my paper crafts on this blog, you will also be seeing some of my other fun things! 

Right now, I'm really thinking about Valentine's Day!  Some people love it, some people hate it, but I think that it's a really special holiday.  I look at Valentine's Day TOTALLY differently than most people -- I think of it as a day to tell EVERYONE special in your life that you love them.  =)  My hubs and I never go "all out" for it - we just use the day to make sure that we make time for each other!  I LOVE making and sending Valentines!!!  Here's some supplies I recently picked up from Simon Says Stamp to help me prepare for the holiday:
Aren't those paper pads just adorable?  I can't wait to make some heart-shaped valentines with them!  =D  Stay tuned for that! 

Ok readers, well you've read enough!  I'll have another project to share with you tomorrow -- it's also a really special one!  =D  Until then! 

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  1. Love your new Valentine goodies, Kristy! And I'm with you--I love Valentine's Day as a day to tell everyone special how much you love them! We don't get all romantic either, but I love having fun spreading the joy. :)