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December 4, 2011

A Much Needed Update!

Hello hello readers!  Wow... so it's been a REALLY long time between posts here!  Sorry about that, between work, holidays, and crafting I've not had ANY time to do much posting! 

This weekend, we hosted our annual "Friendsgiving" celebration!  This is where my hubby and I roast a turkey and invite all of our favorites over for a festive holiday dinner with lots of great food, wine, and company!  Of course, there are always games and singing and LOTS of laughing!  Here's my favorite picture from the night: 

=)  So you can see that I've been enjoying our amazing friends and family lots right now!  Don't worry though -- I'm still doing lots and LOTS of crafty things too!  Here's some MUCH needed updates:  

1.  I've taken a brief hiatus from making cards!  I KNOW right?!??!  But not to worry, I've still been crafting up a storm!  Latrice Murphy really inspired me during Handmade Holidays to try lots of new projects outside of cards!  Here are some of the fun things I've been making: 
2.  Scrapbooking.  I've really been doing a LOT more scrapbooking lately!  It all started with a scrapbook that I'd *intended* to finish before we got married (in 2008... yeah) but that never happened and it sat alone FOREVER!  I've been working on that lots AND I'm doing a December Daily this year (definitely more posts about this to come!)  =D 

3.  Quilting.  I know.  I'm completely insane at this point.  But honestly, the internet/pinterest has made me fearless.  I'm starting to truly believe that with a good DIY tutorial I can learn how to do ANYTHING.  So I've been doing lots of research on quilting and picking up the essentials (thank god for those 40% off crafting store coupons) and I'm going to start my first project super soon here!  Stay tuned for that too -- we'll see if it actually makes it under the Christmas tree or not!  =) 

4.  Blog Hopping!  Not to worry, there's some serious paper crafting about this week too!  I have two ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS blog hops coming up this weekend for two of my favorite blogs -- Lawnscaping Challenges and DeNami Design!  Be excited -- I have some SUPER fun projects to share with you all this upcoming weekend for those hops!  =) 
Everyone keep their fingers crossed that I can actually get another post together BEFORE the weekend to share some of my other fun projects too! 

Phew!  Sorry for the sort of lengthy post.... but you all deserve an update!  Next time -- there will be actual pictures of projects!  =D  Until then, have a fabulous day!

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