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July 22, 2015

A Life Update

Well hi readers!  It has certainly been awhile!  I'm back and doing a bit of re-branding on the blog!  But first, let's start with the highlights from the past year:

  • I went back to work in the Fall of 2014 - and love being a working mom!  Sammy loves daycare, and I love teaching AND still get three months a year to be a stay at home mom, so it's a perfect situation!  
  • My sister got engaged and is getting married in Vegas at the beginning of September!  I can't wait; I've never been to Vegas and we are going to have so much fun!  
  • I've started going back to the gym and getting myself in shape.  It has been a huge boost for my self esteem and health in general.  I'm really glad I've made the lifestyle change and look forward to keeping it going (and the pounds coming off!)  
  • We also have joined a CSA (since having a toddler makes it much harder to maintain a large garden) and are loving that experience!  (More on that in another post!)
Lastly, and the most serious of the news, our daughter Sammy gave us quite a scare.  In early February, she became very VERY ill and after several trips to her doctor and finally the ER, we discovered that Sammy has Type 1 Diabetes.  It was an extremely scary situation and has changed our lives forever.  Sammy will need insulin for the rest of her life as well as a strict diet and schedule to keep her blood sugars as controlled as possible. While all of these things have been a big change, the most difficult thing about her Type 1 is her age.   

At 15 months old, she was one of the youngest Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh has seen, and it definitely complicates matters. She can't tell us when she feels her blood sugar go high or low, and is still not completely aware of everything that will go into her lifelong treatment.  I took three months off from my job in the spring to get a handle on the insulin/blood sugar/food regimen, and now I feel like a mini Diabetes pro!  My husband and I are now confident that she can go back to daycare in the Fall, and that we have enough of a handle on everything to allow her to go back into someone else's care.  I love love LOVE her daycare and know they will do a great job, but I'd be lying if I said that I'm still not nervous about the transition.  

Anyhow, most of my life and time has been consumed by that!  I hope to have some upcoming blog posts about crafting projects, canning projects, joining a CSA, and much more!  Stay tuned readers and thank you for reading and following!  

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